Protecting assets - nursing home care

Just curious, but I see more and more articles and videos (my age I guess) on how to protect your assets in case you have to go into a nursing home. And every time I see these, I wonder if, for the children at least, the concern is on protecting THEIR inheritance than it is for protecting their parents assets. I mean…their parents worked hard to get where they are so that they could eventually give it to their kids, and it would be such a waste to give it all to a nursing home that they rarely visit to see their parents.

And the asset protectors seem to be the “investment class” and not the “leeches, takers and collectivists”. But “protecting assets” shifts the payment from the parent to Medicaid. Allowing mom and dad to leave enough money for the kids to all buy new cars and boats while letting the government take care them in their old age. It makes me wonder…are the people who do this the same ones who bitch and moan about Medicaid and vote for candidates who vow to reduce or eliminate Medicaid?

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