Problem with Quotes

This started all of the sudden… I can no longer highlight a post then click on quote to quote it in a reply. When I highlight the the text the quote button flashes then disappears along with the highlight on the text.

Only happens in Firefox, Edge is ok. I have refreshed Firefox. Logged out of the forum and back in with no change.

Is there another way to highlight a post you want to quote in your reply?


Still working for me.

Are you on Chrome?
He is using FireFox.

On my Android phone when I highlight a sentence to quote a box will pop up “Open in Chrome”. I just touch the screen outside the box and it goes away, I can then tap “quote” and it’ll work like normal. Just started yesterday or today

Yeah, I missed that. Also, apparently, I had never downloaded Firefox on my computer I bought a year and a half ago. I just did and see that same thing billinin mentioned.

Firefox is generally the browser I use and I just experience the same disappearing act.

Still having this problem. Paging @Wintermute

Good luck, I’ve asked for a refund several times and he’s being a jerk about it.

(Just kidding, Winter is pretty responsive about issues with the board…unlike that other board we know. :grin:)

Try now

Try now

Yes, working fine now. Was I in timeout?

Nope. Just a software glitch

Just kidding, I didn’t think so.

Yes, in step 1 - you lost your ability to quote.

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