Pro volleyball

I am interested in this.

Volleyball is a fast paced, exciting sport.
I would definitely go to some matches.

Main problem, if this is done right, it could put the final dagger in the WNBA.

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I just saw on the news that KC will have a team in 2025. I’d go to some games.

The WNBA is still around?

When I lived in the city we’d watch the pro-beach volleyball tournaments at North Avenue beach, it was pretty fun. I met my wife playing volleyball on a park district bar league. Would I pay money to go see pro volleyball? Meh, probably not.

That is the WNBA’s problem. If there is a demand for a professional volleyball league, the survival of the WNBA is not a reason to not create the league.

I agree, it’s supply and demand. The WNBA is heavily subsidized by the NBA and has yet to turn a profit, if not for that they would have shut down years ago. If done right I could see a pro volleyball league doing okay, it depends on how many fans they can reach.

Over 90,000 people watch a game in Nebraska

Pro volleyball won’t get close to those numbers, they might get close to 10,000 seats filled in the bigger markets. Like I said it all depends on how many fans they can reach, they’re going to need a big marketing push at first and make it easy to watch on TV or online.

Average college women’s volleyball attendance for the top 10 teams is around 5,000.

I 1000% agree.
I will be not only following the league (I enjoy watching volleyball), I will follow the excuses of why the WNBA is failing but the volleyball league becomes popular.

90,003 to be exact.
My niece, her husband, and daughter were there. When I asked if they went she replied “yep, we were the 3”.

The KC team is looking at an arena that seats a little less than 6000.

If they do it right I can see them getting a decent TV audience and expanding to more teams over the next few years. They really need to push this on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and other social networks. It also has to be easy to find and watch the games like ESPN or streaming for free on YouTube or other outlet.

The key is “if they do it right”, which I actually believe they have struck while the iron is hot, so there is a good chance of it succeeding.