Prime Price increase to $139

Is it still worth it?
Free Delivery + Prime Video price increase.

Mine expires in April… wondering if I can renew in advance.

Wonder how much Amazon doing Thursday Night Football affected this.

I warned years ago about the move from Free TV to some form of paid TV. ESPN has Monday and now Amazon has Thursday. What is next… worse you pay for them even if you do not watch Monday or Thursday,

For me, yes but we order quite a bit. I don’t watch Prime Video much, there’s not much that interests me and the same is true with their music streaming.

I’ve been debating. I’m trying to use amazon less and less.

I still have to use it for some products because I can’t find them locally.

Most places though will give you free shipping once you get over a dollar amount. Prime rarely deliver on the 2 day shipping.

I’m Chicago they had same day and they often did that

I think you can turn off auto renew, then manually renew prior to the deadline (March 25 for current members).

Whether it’s worth it depends on how much you use it. We got it originally because we have far flung relatives and the free shipping for birthday and Xmas presents was worth it. The other stuff was a bonus, then the price went up. There are some good shows and quite a bit of music if you don’t care about having every album or song you want and don’t want to pay for another streaming service.

I originally got it for free as a college student, but we used it so much we kept it.

I never knew that, I just checked and it’s free for 6 months then $6.99 a month. Spotify offers students a $5 a month deal.

I think it’s worth it for us, we buy a lot of little things like USB cables, reading glasses that I break way too often, spices, work clothes and other inexpensive stuff that wouldn’t be worth it if I had to pay shipping.