Prime Day, peak season and the pandemic: Amazon warehouse workers brace for the months ahead

Amazon is gearing up for one of its largest shopping events of the year, which is set to begin Tuesday. When layered on top of the ongoing pandemic and followed closely by the start of the holiday shopping season, some workers are worried about risks to their health and their jobs.

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Workers can follow CDC guidelines like wearing a mask, washing hands often etc and go on with their lives or they can quit and hide out in their basement until the pandemic is over. Life is full of risks, if someone is afraid they can choose to not do something that frightens them.

The risk is fairly low. The democrats have fear mongered this virus to death.

The Nordic countries do not even recommend mask. I am iffy on them. I don’t see a lot of value but if you makes you feel better, wear one.

The pandemic has really shown the difference between the democrats and the republicans.

Democrats have ignored science, preached fear, and want the government to save them. They want to be Nazi’s.

Republicans want the government to give them advice and let them go to work. They do not want the government to do things they could do themselves. They want you to be aware but not afraid.

You have democrats now saying Trump is faking because he didn’t die. They can’t grasp he never likely to die from it. Dying from it is rarer then recovering from it.

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