Price of digital vs Delivery + Digital

The Marietta Daily Journal has become a miniature of itself.
I have subscribed for years. I stopped because their pricing seems ridiculous… and… they have gradually moved to the left… closer to the AJC. I stll get a Daily Email with headlines and a very brief paragraph… mostly a teaser.

If you click on the story you get a paywall.
Which brings me to the rates.

Paper + Digital = $2.54 a week… 5 Papers… Weekend edition covers Sat/Sun/Mon.

Digital Only = $2.31… 23 cent difference for not printing and delivering 5 papers.

I prefer digital, and the paper is so light that I usually have to chase it down in the wind. I really do not want the paper but do not want to pay for it.

I think that with No Paper to print or deliver… getting a Month for the weekly price would be appropriate.

What do you think?

IMO newspaper’s are their own worst enemy and should blame themselves for their problems. Instead of charging and limiting the number of viewers they should be free and make their money from ads on their site. But it’s their business and are free to do what they want.

I am willing to pay something…
The AJC made me an offer I could not refuse… Sunday Only Paper and Full Digital for $26 a year (.50 a week)

I am in my 4th or 5th year of this deal… wondering when they will up the ante… but so far, it stays the same.

$26 a year isn’t bad, some papers are over $200 a year. Years ago I got our county paper 7 days a week and then weekends only and finally dropped them when they changed from news to a division of the democrat party. I want the news and information, not biased commentary. When my kid was in high school he was in the paper often for tennis so my wife would bring the paper home from work.

I prefer reading an actual newspaper to a web site. The WSJ stopped home delivery here a couple of years ago. We subscribe to the digital version but I find that do not read it as closely as I did when on paper. The paper paper was more expensive, but I’d pay that to get it back. We get the local paper on paper and digitally, but it has gotten much thinner and the paper size has also shrunk.