Power surge... got fried

Last night we had insane winds with thunderstorm. It could have been a microburst. I woke up at 2am and it sounded like a hurricane. I looked outside and checked radar and didn’t see or hear tornado so i went back to bed.

This morning the i noticed a few light bulbs were out but didn’t think much of it. Wife calls me when i was at work and said lights were out in kitchen and things like coffee machine wasn’t working. Turns out huge tree fell on our power line and broke the common wire. The power company came to the rescue. After they left i was doing cleanup and noticed that the ac was not working. The power surge fried the $25 transformer on the ac. It was an easy fix when i finally troubleshooting the issue. Every light bulb that was on in the house when it happened was burnt out. The nepresso machine and kurieg were also fried. There are probably other things not yet noticed yet. The pear tree is likely history. It’s a soft wood and giant tree. There was probably 500 baby pears on the limbs that came crashing down.

Glad you and the Ms. are okay!

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