Power Point

A colleague and myself are putting together a presentation for some people next week.
We are using Power Point.
Is Power Point still the best thing out there, or do we still use it because it is what non-tech people like and are used to?

Everything Microsoft dominates, not because it is the best, but because it is already dominant.

When I worked at Sprint we routinely had “Powerpoint wars”. And a lot of people were AWFUL presenters with powerpoint…make a slide with 5 bullet points…hand out printouts of the presentation…then stand there and READ the damn bullet points. Save a meeting…tell people to read it over lunch.

There was a Toastmasters group at Sprint that I was in and there were NO marketing people in it. Back then we had projectors you hooked up the computer to. I asked someone what they would do if the bulb in the projector burned out just before their presentation.

One of the best presentations I saw was a guy who had just a couple of slides. He really didnt’ use them, but he TALKED instead. People seemed to listen better.

At the county, we had quarterly all staff meetings…a 3 hour meeting that was a prime example of “death by powerpoint”. I was on the committee that worked on planning the all staff meetings and suggested that we NOT rely on powerpoint so much. People seemed to like the meetings better that way.

To those that have everything more will be given. From those that have nothing, more will be taken.

I truly hope that I never have to sit through another power point presentation. Far too many are similar to the one KC described. Along those lines, my wife is in a couple of local groups and is getting seriously tired of zoom meetings. She longs for the meetings one actually attends in person.

The reason we are using it is because it is a virtual meeting and we are using screen shots of new software. Probably only one slide with bullet points. Only about 10-15 minutes.

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