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This is a photo of a very well known TV star years before she became famous. Who is she?

Hint: This actress began her career on Broadway in 1951 but is best known for her role in a TV series that ran from 1996 to 2005.

I had to Google it to find out. She looks a lot better in that photo than she did to Ray, Debra and Robert. I wonder how Frank looked at that age.

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@wmj She was born in 1925 so she was 70 years old when that TV series began and 80 when it ended. Even so, I would have never guessed how pretty she was in her younger days if I had not seen that photo.

Angela Lansbury?

Debra’s mother in law on everybody loves Raymond, but I don’t know her name.

@sister - you are correct about it being the person who played Debra’s mother-in-law on Everybody Loves Raymond. Doris Roberts is the actress who played the role of Marie Barone.

madison square garden and they destoyed Penn Station to do it

@Weenut1 - WTG you are correct :grinning:

Who is this actress?

Hint: In real life she is younger than the actress who played her daughter in a TV series.

mrs roper

No it is not Mrs Roper.

Sophia on Golden girls.

@Sister - Very good Sister! It is Estelle Getty who played the role of Sophia in Golden Girls.

Who are the actors in this 1947 photo

Who is the famous person in this photo


Another Hint: He was known as the master of suspense because of his innovative film techniques

alfred hitchcock

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@Weenut1 - You got it. It is Alfred Hitchcok!

Hint: It would be a miracle if someone could name all three of them