Poll - Who will win the Super Bowl?

  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Los Angeles Rams

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Note the question is who will win, not who you want to win.

I set this to close at 6:30 PM Eastern Time. No voting after the game has started. :smiley:

No strong feeling here other than momentum, I pick Bengals.

Side note: Here is something I did not know at all about how the NFL used to back-out games. One has to wonder what they were thinking.


Pulling for the Rams, Stafford is past due after serving time in Detroit. Plus the Rams have three Dawgs playing, Stafford, Sony Michele and Leonard Floyd.

I agree with that too, there is no loser in this game as far as I’m concerned. Just hope it’s a good game and I expect it will be. I think if a side gets blown out, it’ll be Bengals since their defense has holes.

Not to mention their offensive line.

I haven’t watched that many games this year, but it seems like an intriguing matchup. Rams defense should be able to get after the QB and the Bengals won a playoff game already while giving up 9 sacks.

That was the standard NFL broadcast policy at the time. They were always very afraid that people would stay home and watch on TV instead of going to the game. Detroit was a major factor in the so-called 90-mile rule, treating stations within 90 miles of the stadium as home stations. We could sometimes pick up Lansing TV broadcasts of Lions’ game until the rule changed. Sometimes when presold tickets got within 3-4,000 of a sellout, the auto dealers association or other group would buy up the balance and donate the tickets.

I can’t say. I haven’t followed the Rams at all, but the Chiefs let the Bengals beat them twice this year. And I say they let them beat them because it both games, the Chiefs seem to feel that they had the game won by halftime. And second half play showed that. I guess I would WANT the Bengals to win, since we can at least say that the Chiefs lost to the Super Bowl winner. But since I don’t know, and it’s not WHO I want to win - I did not vote.

That is the same thing about the Rams. On paper they should win the game. However, if they make some bone-headed plays (can anybody say Matthew Stafford interception), they can just as easily lose.

What pissed me off about the Chiefs (both times) was very similar to what the 49er’s did in the Super Bowl when they were up by 20…mugging and dancing in the end zone. In the regular season, the Chiefs are up by 20 at the half and dancing and mugging. Then they lost. When they met again, I think that they were emboldened by “home field advantage” and did the same damned thing.

That’s why I said the Chiefs let the Bengals beat them.

Found on a Detroit related web site.