Poll - NCAA Basetball Tournament: Cinderella or Blue Blood

Today North Carolina defeated Saint Peters to go to the Final Four, where they will play Duke.

A few years ago I read somebody make the observation that, on one hand, some fans say they like to see Cinderella teams upset blue bloods while, on the other hand, they want to see the marquis teams play in the Final Four.

Today’s game had the possibility of two such match-ups. Which match-up would you have preferred for this Saturday’s one semi-final game:

  • Duke vs. North Carolina
  • Duke vs. Saint Peters
  • No preference
  • Don’t care about College Basketball.

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Interesting Question: Was visiting my GT kid today.
Asked that very question. He was hoping for a 3 out of 4 ACC Final Four. Miami lost so it is 2 out of 4.

I was not so sure… Saint Peters would have been quite a story. I started watching the NC-Saint Pete at the half… but by then it was hopeless.

Frankly, I would have been more likely to watch SP vs Duke than NC vs Duke… been there done that.

Actually, I heard one of the broadcasters say that Duke and North Carolina have never met in the NCAA tournament before. For all of the other times they have met, this will be a first.

I was thinking more broadly than just the NCAA… like Regular Season and the ACC Tournaments.

There are 3 people in Kansas who don’t follow basketball and I am one of them. But I do have to say that people here take it serious. - I went to the grocery store to get an item I forgot that I needed for dinner. I got to the store and wondered if the store was open…the parking lot was empty. The KU game was on.

Yes the 2 most popular activities in Kansas are Basketball and watching wheat grow.