Poll - Jacksonville Jaguars director of sports performance Chris Doyle resigns amid backlash

I was listening to a sports talk radio show yesterday afternoon before Doyle had resigned. Mychal Thompson, a former NBA player who is black, said that he had no problems with the Doyle hire provided he had learned from his mistakes and resolved to be a better person. He said that America is about second chances. Obviously not everybody agreed with him.

Were the Jacksonville Jaguars wrong to have hired Chris Doyle?
  • Yes, they were wrong to have hired him.
  • No, they were not wrong in hiring him.

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I haven’t followed this one closely, but it appears the issues are multiple instances of racism and physical abuse of players.

I do believe in second chances, but they need to come with evidence of remorse and having learned and changed.

Who the fuck is the Fritz Pollard Institute and why do we care what they think?

Fair enough, I am a huge fan of the NFL and have never heard of them.