Poll - Is Antonio Brown gone from Tampa Bay or not?

My prediction: Not over this. As long as Tom Brady wants him there, he will be there.

  • Yes, Brown will be gone from Tampa Bay.
  • No, Brown will not be gone from Tampa Bay.

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Your prediction is spot on. Brady certainly doesn’t care about someone breaking the rules.

My only question is where is Screaming A. Smith on this?
I want a rant like he did with Rodgers.

I’m sure he’s ranting about something; it’s what he does. Occasionally, he’s right.

Fair enough.
He is at least consistent.

Evander Kane, once a star of the NHL San Jose Sharks, also faked a vaccination card and got a 21 game league suspension (25% of the season). The Sharks waived him, no other team took him, and he is now in the minor league AHL. His estranged wife had previously alleged that he gambled on Sharks’ games and was violent against her, but neither claim could be substantiated by the league. Also, his teammates apparently don’t him back and one called him a cancer in the locker room.

Yes, as a Buffalo Sabes fan I remember Kane quite well. They acquired him as part of their first re-build and overlooked the issues he had with the Atlanta Thrashers/Winnipeg Jets franchise. He ended up having similar issues in Buffalo and was a bad influence on some of their younger players, notably Jack Eichel. Fortunately for the Sabres, the San Jose Sharks made the same mistake with Kane, both by trading for him for a playoff run in his contract year and then re-signing him. The Sharks get to deal with him now - until some other team decides he can help them win the Stanley Cup.

All I know is he’s consistently loud. Sports talking heads aren’t really better than political talking heads.