Poll - How will the DeShaun Watson situation play out?

  • He will be traded and play for a different team in 2021.
  • He will not be traded and will play for the Houston Texans in 2021.
  • He will not be traded and will sit out the 2021 season.

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I am voting for he will be traded

There are rumors of my Broncos trading for him, but the price is soooo high.

My gut tells me no team will pay the steep price.
Sitting out never works out for the player, but he will do it anyway

I don’t think The Texans will get their current reported asking price, but I think they will eventually trade Watson. I also think he will end up with the Jets. From what has been reported, the Jets are his first choice. He has heard good things about their new coach and wants to play for him. Plus, the Jets have a lot of assets, including the number two pick in this year’s draft, to offer. Finally. Watson has a no-trade clause and can veto any trade to a place he doesn’t want to go to.

At this point the Texans need to admit that they screwed-up big-time and need to re-boot. They can then collect assets and go through one or two years of salary cap purgatory.

On a related note, one article noted that of the four quarterbacks that most recently signed king-sized deals, only Patrick Mahomes and his team are happy with each other. The Rams and Jared Goff soured on each other and Goff was traded. Ditto for the Eagles and Carson Wentz, except Wentz had not been traded yet. Both of these teams gave out king-sized deals when some pundits were cautioning them, and they came back to bite them in the rear-end.

Josh Allen is the next quarterback in line for a king-sized deal, and I hope the Bills don’t run into a similar situation with him.

I’d take him in maimi, not sure Tua is the answer. Miami has an O line which would give Deshaun more than 2 seconds to think, unusual for him in Houston. And we’ve got room under the cap and picks to trade, well see.

This includes the number three overall that they got from the Texans, which is another example of how screwed-up the Texans are.

This brings back some rather unpleasant memories of the previous Buffalo Bills regime.

Here is the latest. I still say he ends up getting traded.