Police officer deaths skyrocketed in 2021

The cause of this, by far, was covid-19, due to the reluctance of many police departments, and individual officers, to promote or get vaccinated.

458 deaths, with at least 301 due to covid-19.

Haven’t heard of any dying BECAUSE they received the vaccine.

Apparently, the number of covid related deaths is expected to continue to rise. What a waste.

Why don’t you like to cite?

and yes, officers that are vaccinated have died.

To be fair, he said that no officers died FROM the vaccination

How many were vaccinated and how many not?

Couldn’t find the stat, but if we extrapolate from the general population, considering the average age of police officers, very likely well under 10% were vaccinated.

Here’s one of many stories on the subject. I’d like to see the cite as to how many vaccinated officers were among the victims. Do you have that cite, because I haven’t seen one.

I know a few who have passed, who were vaccinated.

Several teachers and staff at our school district have died from Covid and were vaccinated.

Often cops sit around a lot, get fat, eat garbage, etc. It is a job that is hard on people.

Forgive my skepticism, but most people probably don’t know a few “people”, who’ve died from covid, much less a “few” police officers out of fewer than 500 nationwide, and those “few” having been vaccinated.
It defies credulity.

But, I can believe that many officers have co-morbitities, considering the poor shape so many seem to be in, without even considering the stress of the job, and the bad habits that seem to go hand in hand with very stressful jobs. So maybe they’re at greater risk, whether vaccinated or not.

It’s indisputable though, that this particular segment of society leans right, and that means being much more likely to be antivax. There’s a reason that governor DeSantis put out the welcome mat for unvaccinated police officers.

If I remember correctly, one of the lowest life expectancy professions in the US.

I was an officer for seven years. Shocking I would know other officers.

I was an officer in the bay area and several have passed from COVID. I know some who retired who passed. Some were vaccinated, some weren’t, some won’t say.

You can thank employment mandates to reach specific demographic quotas for this. Academies are no longer allowed to wash (fail) “certain groups” out.

Going to have to disagree with that.

I base it on what I saw first hand with 12 years as a Sheriff’s Sgt, an FTO an academy graduate. And you?

25-30 years ago you would get no argument from me.

15 years in Law Enforcement and Corrections.
I would be willing to agree to an extent in Corrections, but the standards for that have always been pretty low.
As far as I can tell, the academies still have physical standards to graduate, it is when they get on the force that they let themselves go (an oversimplification, but you get my meaning).

It wasn’t just PT either… many academic standards are lower now.

That I can agree with.
Although, some PD’s, Omaha was an example, required a Bachelors degree, major irrelevant.
I never understood that.

Many couldn’t tell you when they could actually detain someone or search a person or vehicle.

Hell, I had a desk SGT once try to teach me how to manipulate someone into waiving their Miranda after they already invoked it.