Police body cam maker unveils new features it hopes will curb officer misconduct

The nation's leading provider of police body cameras on Wednesday unveiled new features intended to help law enforcement supervisors better monitor officers and curb problematic behavior — changes the company says were motivated by the killing of George Floyd earlier this year.

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Body cameras don’t reduce officer misconduct.
What they generally do is clear officers from alleged misconduct sooner and with more indisputable proof.

Well that doesn’t sell cameras as much as catching “bad” cops

What’s concerning is even in good shoots there is rioting.

But apparently, there is no such thing as a “good shoot”.
I think the only use of force continuum that would be acceptable to the whackadoodle “defund the police” crowd would for the officer to be killed and his/her ghost to come back and haunt the killer.

I don’t mind rethinking the police force. We should always think of how to do things better. My issue is even Biden says we need MORE police officers.
What we need to do is remove protections from prosecutors. That way when they fail to prosecute, the people damaged can sue them. I think it’s fair. If you don’t want to prosecute rioters then people should be able to sue you. They should only get immunity when they prosecute.

I wouldn’t just say the police force, but I agree that the criminal justice system needs reforming.
There are several problems though.

  1. The “defund the police” twits are convinced that all police are racist.
  2. Focus on socio economic areas instead of race and you will actually have success.
  3. Many of the “woke” crowd are relying on policies that have already failed, but sound good from a podium.

I have mentioned that I used to work in the world of addiction. My clients were charged with low level drug offenses and their charges were dropped if they completed the program (research Drug Courts).
There are several things that can be used from this model, and some that can’t, but it is a good place to start.

Personally I like the white blm protestors calling the black cops the n word. 2020

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