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So, what’s your favorite podcast app?

I had issues with Stitcher and now they no longer exist. I tried Spotify and continue to use them for music, but they don’t always keep your place.

A couple of years ago, I switched to pocketcasts. Works well, but the only annoyance was that for the web version (which I use while working), they charged about $5 per year. Last year, they increased it to $10. Now, they’re increasing to $40.

So, thinking of switching. Would like something that will work on any device, phone, iPad, PC browser and ideally work seamlessly between them. And keeps your place when you switch from one device to another.

Free/cheap would be nice.

I have never had the problem with Spotify, I use Audible for audiobooks, I think they have a podcast feature.

Edit to add: Audible does have podcasts.

I liked Stitcher much better, Spotify is okay but not as user friendly. I listen to the same three podcasts on the way to work every morning with Stitcher it was easy to choose the order and they would play one after another. With Spotify, I go to new episodes and have to manually choose them.

That is an issue I have.
I thought Mac was referring to the middle of an episode.

If he is I just tried it. I started an episode, paused it and closed Spotify. I reopened Spotify, went to that episode and it was where I left off.

So I just use the one that comes with Android. What do you get from a paid for app that you dont get from the ones coming from Android / IOS ?

The issue I would generally have was stopping an episode in the middle, switching devices, and the episode would start over at the beginning. Spotify wouldn’t keep my place. With music, seems it does sometimes, but not others. Maybe I should give it another try for podcasts.

I always use the same device, my phone and it saves my place even after a few weeks. I would think if you’re logged in to your account it would pick up where you left off, the device shouldn’t matter.

Ya, audible doesn’t do that either.
My wife and I were listening to a book together on a road trip and didn’t finish it during the drive.
We finished listening to it on our own and would have to text each other the stop times because it would revert to the time stopped on each device.

So, looks like Spotify doesn’t have a jump forward 10 or 30 seconds button? At least, not on the web version.

It does on the mobile, I use it to skip commercials in my car all the time.

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So, that’s that accident I saw on I-40…

Thx, good to know. Not sure why it’s not on the web app.

Na, it is literally a button on my stereo when my bluetooth is connected.
Easier than changing a radio station.

With mine, I have to reach down to the phone itself. Which might be an advantage to switching to Spotify since Tesla has that built in.

Two of our cars have AppleCarPlay.
You have to be plugged in with a cord for it to work, but you basically mirror your phone on the screen.

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Oh, and there is a jump 15 seconds ahead button. I just wasn’t seeing it.

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I use the steering wheel control to skip ahead, I think it’s 15 seconds.

Ok boomer!!

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Given the work I do, I can be surprisingly dense on technology. They keep moving shit around.

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