Plexiglass theater

Plexiglass Is Everywhere, With No Proof It Keeps Covid at Bay - Bloomberg

I have always said the large droplet theory was bunk. This baby is airborne as you can tell from the rapid spread of the virus. It’s why cloth mask are garbage.

The idea that people are coughing huge large droplets into other people is just stupid.

The improved filtration is shown to work, it makes sense and has other benefits.

Remember when we were told disinfectant and hand sanitizer would stop the spread of Covid? :joy:

My company did as they’re told and now has a warehouse full of the stuff they can’t get rid of, they have so much they are giving up to 10 cases of hand sanitizer to employees for free, they’ll ship it to our home for free. Also the midwest home improvement chain Menards is paying customers a $1 per bottle to take it off their hands.