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Are there any movies that you loved the first time you saw them, but didn’t like them nearly as much when you subsequently saw that movie on TV?

Blazing Saddles, the tv version was edited to death.

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It would be over in about 39 seconds!!

You’d give it that long?

While that movie was a comedy, it made a lot of people laugh a very uncomfortable laugh because a lot of people saw themselves in it.

When I first saw “The Graduate” I loved it. At the time I was a college student and saw that movie at a theater where most of the audience was comprised of college students. A few years ago I saw it on TV and thought it was boring. That might be because when I first saw it I was slightly younger than the character played by Dustin Hoffman and now I have a married daughter who is older than the character Mrs Robinson, who was played by Ann Bancroft. It is also possible that it was such a sixties movie that did not age well. In any event, I still think it is funny that Ann Bancroft was only six years older than Dustin Hoffman in real life.

Funny, the two movies mentioned are husband and wife .

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