Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro mark new smartphone era for Google

Google on Monday kicked off smartphone season by previewing its new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones. But it also signaled a new era for the Pixel, shifting it away from a mid-tier line with a niche user base to premium status, in a move that could position it to better take on Apple and Samsung.

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My wife absolutely hated her Pixel.

Has google perfected voice technology enough that they can listen in to phone calls and gather even more data about you?

My gf is a huge google fan and was a pixel fan. Her Pixel 4 literally came apart, the glass separated from the body. Her pixel 5 had a design flaw where the speaker was under the glass so voice was muffled both in speaker mode and regular mode. You read that right, pixel 5 was great except you couldn’t have a phone conversation.

She since got a Samsung 21 and she’s lukewarm to it, she’ll definitely get the 6.

It was several years ago that my wife had her Pixel, we are currently (against my will) a a complete I-Phone family.

I’ve noticed that about smartphones in general…The are GREAT for taking pictures…quality as good as a Hassleblad or Leica. YOu can stream videos and watch your favorite movie while waiting in the doctors lobby. You can search the web and find answers to all of the worlds questions. But they all, without exception, suck at being a phone.

Too true, but it seems no one seems interested in actually talking directly to another person. They will text or use apps to communicate, post words and photos on antisocial media, but making a telephone call, or even leaving voice mail, seems to be too difficult.

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