My wife and I have started playing pickleball, it’s pretty fun and seems to be getting more popular in our area. They’ve added over a dozen courts within 5-6 mile radius of our house and they’re always busy, my kid and his buddies have also started playing. IMO it’s faster and more fun than tennis and a decent workout.

You are officially an old fart now!

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The have built several courts in our small beachside community over the last couple of years. The get a lot of use…when its not 90 degrees outside.

I noticed a lot 30’s and 40’s playing, my kid and his buddies like it because it’s faster than tennis.

One problem is it’s pretty loud and if the courts are too close to homes people complain.

My wife and I play in a couples golf league.
We are one of the youngest couples there.
Friday night we played with a couple who the husband retired from the Air Force the year I graduated High School.
He was drinking a Bud, sucking on a lung dart, and smoking the ball down the fairway (not great distance, but more than I would have expected).
I was seriously impressed.

I just keep thinking…those poor pickles…

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