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As an ATC, can you tell anything from this photo? I was going thru my Google photos. This was taken by me about 3 years ago from my yard.

Vapor trails of 3 jets. If I can remember correctly, couple of them crossed the “intersection” within 10 to 20 seconds. Obviously at different altitudes.

Is it a dumb photo and should just delete it?

Cool pic! If you’re in GA that could be over the Atlanta VOR which is located at the airport. It’s a way point for overflights going all different directions, that’s a hairy sector to work.

There is a lot about aviation I don’t know obviously, my son knows far more than I do. He’s an aspiring airline pilot and has had numerous classes on weather and aerodynamics. There is an atmospheric and weather condition where contrails are more likely but I dont know what it is.

I am not even into aviation and that is a cool pic.

I am in North Carolina, live about 25 miles south of Raleigh- Durham airport[as the crow flies]

Here you go:

We see a lot of contrails here because, in part, there are usually few clouds.

By the way, we toured the Albuquerque ARTCC (ZAB) shortly before 9/11. It was closed to visitors shortly afterwards. The father of one of our neighbors was a supervisor there and arranged the tour.

My kid knew a couple of friends whose dads worked ATC. One was a supervisor and the other worked Kansas City Center. My (then) wife and I were at a school function the day before we were flying to Vegas. I saw the guy who worked at Center and jokingly asked him if there was anything he could do to get us to Vegas faster. He asked for our flight number. While we were flying on the plane, the captain came over the PA and told us the general stuff about altitudes (which were pretty low for enroute). Then he said that there were two passengers on board, and gave my wife and my names and said that Joe at Kansas City Center said Hi…and we say Thank you. Turns out winds aloft were pretty stiff but much lower at 28,000 feet so he cleared our flight there. Southwest pilots are paid by the trip, not by the hour, so they got to Vegas a little early, which gave them a little extra time to grab something to eat before the next leg.

Did you fall asleep? ARTCCs are dark and boring for visitors I’d imagine. Whenever I’m trying to impress a girl I bring her to Atlanta Tower although I don’t work there. The supervisors came to remember me after a few visits. They have a catwalk that was open to visitors until an employee had his lunch get blown away and litter all over the ramp.

No sleep, but I was just amazed at the number of planes in the sky, at varying altitudes, in the sectors covered by the center. I wouldn’t want to keep them sorted out. I think that center covers from mid-Texas to LasVegas NV and El Paso to mid-Colorado.

This is a shot of planes over the US as of 3:55 CST

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