Phone contract/good service

Nothing important, but was just thinking how I have a really good cell phone contract.

Several years ago Sprint had an unadvertised special that allowed you to transfer current numbers to their service and get free service for a year. You had to do all of the leg work, but it was definitely worth it.
The Sprint was bought by T-Mobile and I was skeptical, but we are locked into a veterans plan, a year ago I was able to upgrade my daughters phone for free ($35 transfer fee) with a trade in, and I am now getting a new I phone 14 for half price with trading mine in.

We switched our internet provider to ATT and the rep tried to see fi I wanted to change to them.
I told him what my plan was and he said my plan was literally better than his ATT employee plan.

We switched to TMobile a year and a half ago from the Walmart Straight talk. The senior plan gives us both Unlimited TT&D for about $60 including Tax and Fees,

Service is good.

I’ve been with TMobile for a long while and their coverage was initially very spotty but it has become very reliable and stable. Now that we travel internationally multiple times per year, its the absolute best service you can have. We have had service in every country we have been to without have to buy a local SIM card. Now with Wifi Calling it is even better because we can make and receive calls in every country without using any cellular bandwidth.

I had Sprint for 10 years with no problems until after the Merger. Then service got really spotty. I used to have T Mobile until I moved here and didn’t have reliable service. Sprint was fine, but back on T MObile was a step back in time. I signed up with Visible, which is Verizon. You give up telephone or store support, but in the years I’ve had a phone I never used more than online chat. Very happy with the Service. It’s the Verizon network, I have unlimited talk, text and data for $30 per month. When I was having the carpet in my den replaced, everything had to come out - including the cable modem. So I streamed thru my phone hot spot for a couple of days with no problem at all.

T-Mobile had an offer for mobile home internet, but I couldn’t imagine it being robust enough for everything we use at our house.

Maybe not…it’s just me here. But I was suprised that my cheap package would stream (only 4G since my phone couldn’t do 5G) anything I wanted to watch with zero buffering or dropping.

Contract is a wirty dird. Clark Howard taught me about prepaid a long time ago, and that is mostly what I have been on. Sprint had that marvelous deal a few years ago and I walked into store and almost moved from AT&T, even agreeing to pay too much for a nice phone. Helper asks socialist number? and I say NO! Is that a requirement? He said yes and I walked out.

Currently I did manage to move to Commie Cast. They of course want to sell a phone on time with credit approval of course. I ordered a sim card and then when I could not get it to go, called up and managed to get it activated. No credit was required to install cable service, so why should I give them socialist number for a phone! It costs $15/mo for up to 1 gB of data. Talk and text all you want. So I am careful where I use the cell phone for data and manage to stay under that limit most of the time.

I turn my wifi off every once it a while, and I have forgot to turn it back on.
I can’t tell the difference when I am just using my phone.

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