Pet Peeves

What are some of your pet peeves?

One of my pet peeves is all the ads on game apps that make it sound as if you can solve your financial problems by playing games where you can win money that will be deposited into your bank account

I can’t stand those ads, but along those lines - ads for game apps that look nothing like the game you downloaded.

One of my biggest pet peeves in the online world is people writing “loose” for “lose” Like…I don’t want to invest in this because I might loose money.

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Or the opposite. I play a solitaire game and get ads saying the game has to be updated. It’s an ad for another game, but that’s not obvious.

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I hate articles where the title makes it look important but is only click bait. This happens a lot with sports articles. Example: “Team signs Super-Bowl Winning Quarterback,” where the quarterback was only on the practice squad.


Probably more common in sports media than elsewhere, but annoying wherever it is.

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