What perks did you have as a child because of the jobs that your parents had?

My dad was a mechanic and my mom worked retail, then data entry. I don’t recall much in the way of perks. You’d think our cars would always have run great, but…nope.

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Television and Stereo equipment. Shortly after I was born dad worked for an RCA distributor, so we had color TV before anybody. Later he was a VP for Sony and I got some sweet deals on stereo amps, tuners , turntables and other equipment as well as early video equipment. My dad had the latest and greatest video stuff, but never had cable or satellite until about 1994.

I’m confused…I thought your dad lived the upper middle class lifestyle on the salary of a paint store worker?

In 1957 he did. In 1960 he got a job with Raybro, an RCA distributor in Orlando (also had another kid in 1958. In 1968 he went to work for Sony Corporation is a salesman. In 1972 he was promoted to regional manager and in 1975 was made Vice President. But he certainly was a paint store clerk when I was young.

Also…I never said “upper middle class”. I said “solidly middle class”, along with the tire shop worker, the cab driver, the cop and the mechanic that lived in the neighborhood.

I never thought of it as a perk at the time, but since my father was a Radiologist I never worried about getting sick in the middle of the night.

For a few years in the 50s, both of my parents worked for a small music company and may have been the only employees other than the owner. The company published sheet music, wholesaled some instruments and rented instruments to touring bands, TV stations and venues. Every now and then they would bring home an instrument for me to try over a weekend (accordions are hard to play well).

A few weekends, though, they would bring home a record recorder. That’s a machine that would cut a record as you watch. You either attach a mike or wire the input to it, select the size and recording speed of the acetate or vinyl blank, and cut your record. If you made an error, too bad - record the flip side. I still have a few of these but no record player.

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My dad worked at Lockheed. Shortly after the C5A started flying, Lockheed had an open house for employees and families. I remember walking through that plane, couldn’t imagine how something that big could get off the ground.

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I’m an aviation geek and would have loved that. FWIW…I think the most elegant plane ever built was the Lockheed L1011

The newer ones with redesigned engines can take off over a million pounds heavy.

Just saying the phrase “a million pounds” seems outlandish (no pun intended) regarding an aircraft.

I concur it is a beautiful machine.

From memory, they were saying you could set a VW bug in the intake of each of those big engines.

My dad was a small town deputy sheriff. The local town cop was a twit and my dad hated him and he was afraid if my dad
I got picked up a couple of times in high school for being stupid (not illegal, just stupid) and he would make me go home but would not tell my parents because he didn’t want to deal with my dad.

It was more of a family perk than a child perk. My father worked for Proctor & Gamble in their soaps division. We had an endless supply of P&G soaps and detergents and would occasionally get things from other promotions they were running.

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My house was always freshly painted?

Actually my dad was a house painter but I grew up in a pig sty. Neither parent was particularly concerned about keeping the house in order.

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