Pay by the minute

When I first used the internet in 1994 I had an AOL account that charged by the minute. At that time there wasn’t the nastiness, scams, or misinformation that has become so prevalent on the internet. Do you think it is because when people had to pay to use the internet it prevented those who are prone to undesirable behavior from using it.

Are you referring to the poor that couldn’t afford to pay for it?

@Sister - no I am referring to anyone who is mean spirited and deceitful.

Oh, it sounded different, because a lot of wealthy people can afford to pay for internet and are mean spirited too.

Technology for scams has dramatically improved. Before a person had to write the email or do the phishing, now I’m sure it’s all AI. A lot of disinformation is definitely written by AI bots,

Hell, back in the 90’s my dad used to get at least 10 snail mail scams a week about how he won millions.

Ever heard of usenet?

It was 100% free speech…especially in the alt.politics.* boards.

Yes a lot of mudslinging went on.

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