Paul Leslie Hour

Have you ever listened to the Paul Leslie Hour?
I found it on YouTube, don’t know yet if he has a podcast on a streaming service.

Haven’t heard of it.

I am finishing listening to his “4 Underrated Jimmy Buffett Songs” series.
He did 70’s. 80’s, and 90’s.
He has Peter Mayer, Rob Baird, Bobby Wood, etc.

I am turning the songs he mentions into a spotify playlist and sharing it with my daugher.

LOL, it is a podcast, says daily, then says 3 days a week right after that. 843 episodes, would take a while to get through. I only recognized a couple of names, musicians.

What streaming service did you find it on?

I’ve been using Pocketcasts for about a year. It’s there.

Just found it on spotify.
I will find the artists I want to listen to.

His voice sounds computer generated.

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