Parrot, are you up for this

I emailed Lee’s Summit about the Tour de Lakes this year. They said they are holding it, but pushed it back from June to the fall. There are routes of 10, 35,50, and 60 miles (the years I rode it). I usually do the 35, and wouldn’t mind riding it with you, although if the talk turns to politics I might put my e-bike in power mode going up a hill. It’s a fun ride…you might even consider bringing the kids. IT’s the cheapest and maybe the best organized ride in KC. Lee’s Summit police stop traffic at intersections and are all along the route.

Almost certainly would like to do the 35.
I promise not to talk politics.
I was doing really well about exercising every day at the beginning of the year then fell off the wagon but I am back in and should be fine.

This is my April. We are riding to Cliff Drive at 11 and ending up with lunch. Today should put me over 400 miles for a month since June of last year.