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I know that people should not take laxatives too often because if they do their system may become dependent on them. However, the information about stool softeners, such as Colace, is inconsistent. Some sources indicate they can be taken every day while others indicate they shouldn’t be taken for longer than seven days. Do you know which advice about them is correct?

Are you eating enough fiber? What are you needing a daily stool softener?

If you don’t need them, don’t take them. They’ll weaken the muscles and you’ll keep having problems.

Wintermute -

Thanks for responding to my question. I only started to take Colace a few days ago because I didn’t want to use a laxative and it worked. So I was wondering if I should stop taking them since I don’t need them at this time or keep taking it to prevent any future issues.

When my husband was alive I cooked a good healthy dinner six nights a week and we went out for dinner once a week. However, since my husband died it has been difficult for me to get motivated to cook for myself, so my diet is not as healthy as it previously was.

If you don’t need them. Don’t use them. While it’s “safe” you’ll weaken the muscles since they won’t have to work as hard.

That means after long periods of use, you’ll end up with constipation since the muscles will have a hard time pushing out a normal movement.

That’s the theory at least

I get. It’s hard but focus on fiber.

I eat out often and it’s hard to eat healthy.


snack on celery and carrots throughout the day

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Don’t know much about other products but if you get some Oxy Powder it will get the job done. It’s a matter of working the issue until it is no longer an issue.

That said, the instructions on this product say something like 4 of them at night. If that don’t work, take 6 the next night and keep upping until it happens. Well I don’t think I took 4 or increased, but after taking 2 I learned that the correct number for me is one! Of course your bowels may vary…