I went and saw this day. It’s interesting how the phrase his communist views. He stated he’s a new deal person

I saw yesterday in IMAX It was a great film as they imagines used throughout the film to tell the effects of the bomb. I liked how the story was given

For those interested, the Trinity site is open to visitors two Saturdays a year. It is literally in the middle of nowhere, and many people tour the Very Large Array on those days (maybe 90 minutes-2 hours away).

I haven’t seen Oppenhiemer, but I went to see Tiger Within and I HEARD Oppenhiemer a lot during that movie.

The movie was pretty quiet until the end. Lots of talking. It’s interesting how communism has changed over the years. It’s talked about in the movie.

Been there, done that.

This is the shell of the type of bomb that was dropped on Japan.

I’m talking about the explosions that would shake the theatre that I was in.

Yes I saw it in IMAX and the sounds were loud and great

Only 1 explosion that i can remember. It was the blast at the end.

Since I was watching a different movie in a different theatre, I couldn’t tell if it was an explosion or the sounds of a war. I do know that there were several times that you could hear SOMETHING loud

No war in the photo really.

It really is a very quiet talking movie until they blow the bomb up. Really the movie is about him losing his security clearance. There is much more nudity than explosions. There was an odd amount of nudity in the movie.

interesting audience kind of like the poodle vs the pit bull attracts two different types of people: Barbie and Oppenheimer

Not much else to do in Los Alamos in 1944.

Well…I guess the loud noises were from sex. Whatever the case, if whatever I was hearing was loud enough to hear and shake seats in my theater, then maybe the volume was a bit high.

Here is a U-tube version

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