Only in California

Could math be deemed too political to be taught correctly.

Thank god someone has the balls to step up and argue against this idiocy.

It’s become trendy to call something “woke” as an insult. These people are coming across as “stay off my lawn.” There are reasons for at least some of the changes. I’m not familiar with all of it.

Data science isn’t just trendy. The vast majority of people will never use calculus in their adult lives and it’s silly to push it on them. Those going into some STEM fields will absolutely need it, but not most.

Data science teaches logic and critical thinking skills that calculus does not.

Steven Levitt, economist (Freakonomics) has been talking about this for a while now.

Sure there are.
It is called “the race to the middle”.

I would agree with that, the lack of understanding statistics is a gigantic problem in our country.

But that doesn’t change the fact that this proposal by California is 100% anti-education.

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