One more Christmas song, like you've never heard

This one is for all you closet percussionist. As a side note, my daughter and son in law both went to college on percussionist scholarships.

That was great! I took drum lessons when I was 12 in 1969. I went for a little over 2 years. My teacher was a cool cat jazz guy named Ralph. He always had a cigarette going while he’d watch me. They were at a music store and a customer wanted to try out a guitar and was going in as my lesson was ending. Ralph asked if he minded if I played to whatever he was doing. It wasn’t any “real” song, so we both were improvising. It was pretty damn good! He told me at the end that my dad was wasting his money now…I knew about as much as he did. We moved after that and I had to sell the drums. Still…one of my bad habits is that I will drum with my fingers to whatever music might be playing. I got another set about 20 years ago. I played something and told my daughter I was a little rusty. She just looked at me and said “you call that rusty”. I sold that set about 6 years ago, but I loved playing them

An old joke thought - do you know how to make a drummer stop playing? Put sheet music in front of them.

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That’s one of my least favorite Christmas songs, but I am awed by that version. For King and Country are coming here next spring and we may have to go see them.

This is my favorite Christmas song, I have to hear it at least once a year and it brings a tear to my eye.

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