One big party

This could make for a really big Super Bowl party. (Though, we make brats, not wings most years).

Need a GIANT deep fryer for that.
Better get you oil at COSTCO.

No one ever said criminals are smart, if she wasn’t greedy and only grabbed 5 or 10 cases a month she probably would still be getting away with it. I wonder how many cases of Frank’s Hot sauce she need to cover those.

There is a local sports radio talk show host that does a non sports podcast.
He talks a lot about how in his 20’s he basically was unable to hold a job and he was fired from a restaurant and shoved about $100 worth of frozen steak down his pants and about froze his balls off.

I’ve heard some great stories about what people did when they left a job, but freezing your balls off is a good one.

In his 20s, Merle Haggard was a criminal. He tried to rob a restaurant, thinking it was 2:00 AM and they were closed. Turned out it was only about 10:00 PM and he got caught.

Of course, that brings to mind this one:

According to my algorithm on Spotify, that is top 10 one of my favorite songs!

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