On track?

On my 37th birthday and after 10 years of investing, we finally hit $100,000. I had managed to invest 5% and get a 5% match. In the last year, I have invested 11.5% with a 5% match.


Congrats to you on using your employer match to the fullest. The fact you have reached $100k is a great milestone. Its important that you continue to monitor your overall portfolio return and your balance across categories. At 37 your mix should still favor an aggressive strategy because you have lots of time to recover from any market downturn.

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Keep it up. Try and increase your withholding each year. If you get a 2% raise, increase your withholding 2%.

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Thanks so much!

The nice thing about investing is compounding, your money keeps making more for you, as the years go by you’ll notice big increases in your balance. If you’re getting a 10% return a $1,000 on a $10, 000 balance is okay, but a $50,000 return on a $500,000 balance in noticeable. $100,000 return on a $1 million balance is life changing. Keep it up.

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