Oklahoma and Texas ready to leave the Big Twelve for the SEC

The latest is that the Big-12 is talking about giving those two schools more money to stay at the expense of the others. If they do that, they will just be kicking the can down the road again, when the same thing will repeat.

For what it’s worth, I think long term it would be terrible for college sports. You would eventually end up with a couple of “super” conferences and everybody else would be sucking wind. I can hear the bitching and moaning when the top four playoff teams all come from the same conference.

NIL marks the beginning of the end of college sports…

Dan Beebe burned down the Big 12 a decade or so ago. It was being held together with bailing wire and bubble gum.
Every other school needs to be scrambling to find a new conference before the musical chairs game stops.

Maybe Nebraska can join the SEC too. :grin:

Nah we are happy where we are at.
We jumped from the burning, sinking ship well in time.
FYI, I am disappointed in our new AD hire. He is the dumbass that cut National Champion wrestling team from University Nebraska Omaha.

Edit to add; Big 10 would not have had a football season last year without Nebraska.

I still find it amazing that there are currently 14 universities in the Big 10 and only one of them is a private school

I didn’t realize until you said so that Northwestern was private. The BIG10 is considered the Ivy League of the Midwest