OIrthodontic Aligners Can Kill Implants

A gum specialist friend of mine called to say 3 of the nice implants she placed are in trouble after the patients underwent orthodontics with clear aligners. This is not surprising. I have heard the same from other sources.

As I have stated many times, aligners exert heavy force- not gentle calibrated force like nickel titanium arch wires.

The danger is compounded when goofball patients fall for TV ads for DIY orthodontics. The techs don’t know which teeth have implants and which don’t, so they treat them the same. Heavy lateral forces applied to implants destroy the bone around the implants.

When used correctly, implants can make good anchors by which to move natural teeth. In the wrong hands, orthodontic forces can cause bone loss and avulsion of implants which patients paid good money for.

Is this like invisiline ?

Invisalign and its many stupid OTC clones- Smile Direct Club, Candide, etc.