Below are the teams 538 says have a <1% chance of winning the Super Bowl. Which beats the odds and gets at least a winning record?

If I had to guess any, it would be Lions or Jets.

Trevor Lawrence has a year under his belt.
Firing Urban and hiring Peterson is worth at least 3 wins.

If I had to pick one of those teams, it would be Jacksonville. They have the most upside at quarterback.

Fair enough, but they won 3 games last year, so 3 more would put them at 6, still a losing record.

I figured someone would pick the Seahawks, with their two QBs.

Great minds think alike.

The sports books have them at 6 1/2 total wins for the year.
That is even money, you can almost 2:1 for 7 1/2 wins.
I may drive over to Kansas before tomorrow and make those bets.

I’ve never actually bet on sports. I might be good at it, who knows. I may try to play 538s odds game.

The trick is to find games that are not very high on the radar.

I don’t follow closely enough for most. My biggest trick is “when in doubt, pick the home team.”

Pre internet, my brother in law and me used to sit with the Thursday paper and pore over games, spreads, and past results…

I currently have a three team parlay for this weekend.

Carolina -2.5
Chargers -3.5
Titans -5.5

The one I am most worried about is the Titans.