I got my second Moderna shot today.
It seemed to me that there were significantly less people there than a month ago for the first shot.
I wonder if there is any data being collected of how may people skip their second shot?

I’ll bet that’s totally random. Did you expect to see the same faces you saw with your first shot?

Not necessarily the same faces but all the appointments were made when we left last month.
Totally anecdotal, I was just wondering if they were keeping records of this.

You can’t save people from themselves, if they feel bullet proof after one shot That’s on them.

…and every one of us who comes in contact with them if they aren’t fully protected.

Apparently my concern was unfounded.

88%, not bad.

When my husband got his second shot the place was less crowded when he got his first one. In my opinion, that was because there were a lot more places to get them in our area by the time he had his second shot.