Now this is taking the retail "don't try to stop" WAY too far

Literally fired for calling 911 to report a crime!!

I almost believe there could be legal repercussions here.

I get polices that tell employees not to stop a thief, they could get hurt or the company could get sued.
But to fire someone for reporting a crime to the police is absurd on a whole new level.

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Here is another article with the company’s position discussed.

I wondered. That makes more sense. Workers at most places are not supposed to interfere, unless trained to do so. The cost of employees lives is far higher than the merchandise.

Ya, the CEO is full of shit.

From the article;

“The women follow the group outside and watch as they pile into their getaway car, but notably do not try to physically stop the thieves, though McDonald disagrees.”

Also from the link;

“Seriously? Get out,” Ferguson is heard frustratingly shouting at the robbers, who make a beeline out of the store."

Yelling at them is not physically confronting them.

It is however, engaging with them in a way that has the potential to make the situation worse, including violence.

That is a stretch, and the fuckheads robbing the place already did that by their actions of theft.

Are you really concerned about Safety or is this cover for your Woak “No Bail” positions?

This has nothing to do with bail. From the company’s POV, anything an employee does that puts themselves at higher risk increases their liability if there’s an incident. I would bet it’s the insurance companies driving these policies. Nearly every major company will have a do not engage policy with regard to most of their employees. If the suspected shoplifters get violent, the loss of a few bucks worth of merchandise turns into a million dollar workers comp claim.

I’d love to see you trying to run a business, mac. You’d be giving up $100K in the red about six months in with that kind of pussyboy attitude. Holy shit man.

That and don’t they write off the thief’s as a business loss for tax purposes, or insurance? I’m not condoning the stealing, every time I see one of those video’s of thieves I imagine me picking up a sledge hammer and sending half their brain to the garden section, and spending my last years in prison on a level one yard.

Doing the same as every major retail corporation in the country will ensure failure? Find me even one that asks its employees, aside from security, to go after shoplifters.

Near me is a Ross discount department store,a sister to Marshalls I think. Anyway, there is a security guard at the exit door and the carts have a tall pole welded on them so the carts don’t get out the door period. You have to carry out what you purchase, and the guards knows you been through the cash register.

These CEO need to do things like this to protect their own merchandise.

No, genius. I’m talking about your excessive pussyboy mentality – finding an excuse to justify these people’s termination over an absolute nothing. Saying that shouting is confrontation worthy of being fired.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself. I do not believe you are actually a man. You clearly spend way too much time around spineless, passive, pussyboy people.

Ah, so we’re back to old brobbs, misogyny as a weapon.

Yeah, every retail operation in the country has a “don’t confront shoplifters” policy for their employees. It’s drilled into them and it’s not optional. Shouting at them certainly qualifies as confronting them. Luckily, they were fired, rather than shot.

Pointing out men who act like women is not misogyny, Darlene.

You can keep insisting I hate women all you want. It’s as big a lie as a lot of the other shit you say around here.

I like women just fine. I don’t, however, care for men who act like women.

You would be running the joint inside of a week!

Can you imagine the crime stats if all these thefts were reported to police?

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