Now this is dumb

Don’t charge him with a crime so he can istead come in front of a bunch of morons and not answer their questions.

Yeah, let’s not arrest him so he can appear before a committee and take the Fif.

I’m surprised he didn’t skip out to a country with no extradition treaty. Think he feels untouchable and that he didn’t actually commit a crime.

Arresting SBF may result in recovering some assets from the family and reimbursing some of the lost dollars. But, Maxine Waters must think that her inane questions would somehow be important.

The two people quoted in the article are Mad Maxine and AOC, who share a combined three braincells.
WTF are those two imbeciles going to figure out?

Her questions couldve been amazing, but the answers wouldve been ‘on the advice of legal counsel…….’.

Remember, this is Mad Maxine we are talking about.

That’s two more brain cells than MTG and Boebert share.

What does that have to do with this thread?

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Brain cells

SBF has been talking to anyone who will listen to him over the last month, even his attorney’s have told him to STFU.