Now but not then

What do you like to do now that you didn’t like to do when you were younger?

When I was younger I loved to give and go to large parties, but now I prefer to host and go to small dinner parties with just a few couples.

That is a hard one. The reverse question is a lot easier, sadly. :slight_smile:

We used to do both, but over the last few years prefer smaller get togethers, 3 or 4 couples. We still do game night at least once a month which is fun, we’ve changed from a sit-down dinner to appetizers and finger foods. I’ll grill some kabobs and my wife will make a hot dip or stuffed mushrooms and everyone brings a finger food, dip or dessert. Cheap and fun.

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Go camping.
I was never into camping, especially since I had to do it for a living in e Army.
But since my son has been in Boy Scouts, I actually enjoy it .
Just hanging with the guys shooting the shit is pretty relaxing.

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Being out in nature is relaxing, the further the better.

I now enjoy relaxing at home when a snow storm prevents me from going somewhere, but when I was younger I use to feel that bad weather was preventing me from doing things that needed to be done.

I’m outside, a lot. That didn’t happen until I left Florida and didn’t happen in earnest until I was divorced. I was basically sedentary until 40, at 53 I’m active 5 days a week.

Now when my husband and I go out for dinner with friends I have no problem not ordering a drink before dinner if everyone else has one. However, when I was younger I would order one even if I didn’t want to because I thought I would appear to be unsociable if I didn’t.

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