I never like to complain about trivial stuff, but notifications are confusing.

They used to pop up only for direct replies, "@"s, and likes on my own posts, but now it is hard to figure out how they are formulated.

e.g. I will have multiple notifications pointing out replies within a single thread now, whereas it used to be just one notification regardless of how many replies.

Btw in the screenshot below, the “@” notification takes me to when Wintermute @'ed JimToo.

Just FYI.


Not sure if mine are turned off but I never look at notifications. When I get a PM I get an email and a different colored number on my avatar in upper right so it’s hard for me to miss.

In all seriousness, congrats to Winter for creating an easy to navigate forum that simply works. I know he didn’t write the code (though obviously he could) but he did the research to find a good platform.

So I am not the only one experiencing this.

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I thought it was only me.

I’ll look into it this weekend.

I made a change. Let me know if that fixed it ir made it worse.

Not sure if this could be done but I would like to have the option of a dislike icon in addition to the love icon that we currently have.

Does anybody use the love icon? Is that because we just really hate each other’s posts?

Mine look more normal now. I still have double listings within the dropdown, but the highlighted number appears to be correct.

I use it a little bit, but not very often because it doesn’t really show how many “likes” a post has.

Still some weirdness. I just got a notification that one user liked another user’s post — neither of which is myself.

I’ll make this my last post here. Again, not trying to complain, just passing the info fyi.

I’ll look again on Saturday. At the end of each post there is an option for following, normal etc.

For some reason it’s changing to following.

I did a global reset. I’m not sure if you’re seeing lingering side effects (as old post I don’t think changed. Just new post) or if it reverted


Should be fixed now

Nice. Yeah my notifications are back to normal far as I can tell :+1: