Not against this conceptually

This makes sense, but the devil is in the details.
Competition is good, I just don’t know if this Administration knows how to increase competitions.

Here is another piece of Biden legislation (executive action) that could be promising:

Ive never understood how tech companies, especially Apple, have been able to circumvent the legislation already on the books (which I cant find at the moment).

I also learned recently that John Deere is very proprietary with their parts.

One of the guys in my bike group retired from John Deere. He admitted that they were, but he still has a bit of company loyalty and would defend it.

Ayn Rand depicted beautifully in Atlas Shrugged why the government can never force competition to occur.

If competition is lacking, typically it is due to government’s existing actions.

So if Biden wants more competition among capitalists, he had better remove current government interference — heavy regulation, corporate welfare, etc.

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