Nominations Please…

Poached from a Facebook posting… try to keep it clean. :innocent:
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Not me, but my wife.
She refuses to by a Tesla for that reason (no offense mac and WM)

Any vehicle with an Obama, Hillary or Biden bumper sticker. :grinning:

I’ve seen polls where BMW and Audi topped the list. For me it’s probably the fast and furious type cars, a Honda Civic lowered with a stupid 2 foot high spoiler on the trunk and annoying loud exhaust. You just know there’s a Bang Energy drink in the cup holder and a couple Vape refills in the glove box.

Vehicle with the biggest asshole passenger…the presidential limousine. :grin:

I don’t know if Tesla drivers are any more or less likely to be a-holes, but when I got mine, I joined a FB Tesla group, just to ask questions and such. I learned a couple of things, that a lot of people care way more than I do about how their cars look (wraps and such) and a lot of people look for ways to circumvent the rules (front license plate, required in CA, carpool lane rules and such).

I just know FB groups in general bring out the worst in people.
The best one I belong to is a group that follow amatuer wrestling, with almost no moderation, we are brutal to each other, but self police really well. KInd of like here.

The larger a group gets, the more you have to moderate, not just because of the assholes, but also the spammers who’ll join just to sell crap. Large enough and you’ll have to have posts approved by admins.

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I’m only in a couple Facebook groups, mostly barbecuing and about Weber kettle grills and they run pretty smooth. You’ll get the occasional jerk but 99.99% of the members are very cool and helpful. It’s the couple local neighbors groups I follow that go off the rails almost daily.

I would say a convertible Porsche, a BMW 7-series or a Mercedes S-Class.

Where I live, it’s usually pickups that park like the lines are optional.

The one that rides my ass and honks his horn when I’m already in the slow lane. They are in all kinds of automobiles.

No asshole is going to tell me how to drive.

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You have to answer certain questions to be allowed into the group.
A spammer wouldn’t know the answers.
One of the best policies they have is that if you report a post to an admin, you have better have tried to work it out with the person you reported first, or you are the one getting hammered.

From the perspective of a cyclist:

  1. Range Rovers
  2. Audi (actually an acronym - Assholes Usually Drive It)
  3. Most pickup trucks (did their wife run off with a cyclist?)
  4. BMW
  5. Any “ricer” driven by a teenager.

Surprisingly, no one’s nominated Hummers. Perhaps the drivers of those nasty beasts were so obnoxious they all were handled with “extreme prejudice”, by now. :innocent:

I remember after 9/11, people bought those hummers I wonder what happened to them. I haven’t seen one in a long time.

I think they’re reintroducing them as plug-in EVs with a cord long enough only to get to the end of one’s driveway. :smile:

I was gonna say BMW (I own one and yes, I’m an asshole) but I’ll change my answer to a lifted truck and most likely it’s diesel.

BMW has been eclipsed. Diesel pickups are bad…although none have “rolled coal” on us, a lot of them pass way too close.

I think Hummers were a favorite “ain’t Murricah great” statement after the first gulf war. Driven by guys who were macho as hell but didn’t want to be anywhere near a battlefield. All was cool until oil futures speculators drove the price of oil to record levels…even during a time of a Republican presidency and we were drilling baby drilling. Then demand cooled.

I would never buy the production hummer since I drove the real ones
Fun as hell to drive.

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The civilian production of that entire brand was all for show. When gas prices were so high in 2008, it was kind of fun to watch the news reports of someone bitching about the price of gas while driving a Hummer. From what I read, the production hummers weren’t all that good off road.

Hummer is coming back as an EV.