No QBs

This ought to be interesting. The Broncos, 4-6, are about to face one of the best teams in the league with zero quarterbacks on their roster.

I am in a pick em fantasy league where you assign points to your chosen winners.
I just maxed out on the Saints.

I’m a Broncos fan, but that had to be your easiest bet of the year.

Not a football fan but this seems like a rare thing to happen.

Surprised they didn’t pull someone off the practice team. Seems like a fairly important position to go missing.

The practice squad QB has COVID and the other three QBs are quarantined because they had close contact.

Emergency QB is a running back, but they may have someone else who will start.

This is an anomaly to this year.
In the past they could sign a QB that may have been inactive this year. But with COVID protocol they player needed to be in the NFL system for a week before being able to suit up.

Fans are whining on the Broncos FB page, especially because their game with the Pats got postponed twice because of COVID issues. But it’s my understanding that they didn’t obey the protocols.

The thing is, the Broncos have to be really stupid for this to happen.
Our high schools football team kept players in pods to limit exposure

One completion, two interceptions.

Now that the horse has exited the barn, the Broncos will now sequester their third stringer.

My kids school is considering going back full in person in January.
They were hybrid, which was working well, now are full virtual, not from positive COVID, but from being unable to fill sub slots due to quarantine protocol.
My wife and I are considering keeping them virtual if the School Board decides to go full face to face. I am not really concerned about them being infected, but I am concerned about them being quarantined due to the draconian measures that our County Health Department considers “close contact”.
My son already missed out on his most important swim meet of the year, I don’t need him to miss wrestling or my daughter to miss her senior swim year due to over reaching policies that ignore data.