No hitter

Astros just completed a combine no hitter in the World Series!!!

No doubt with the aid of a bit of sand paper, vasoline, and a bunch of chewing tobacco guaranteed to provide a night’s worth of spit. :grinning:

Edit: Seriously, I would like to see the Astros win just because Dusty Baker is their manager. He is a class act, and after having to manage Barry Bonds for ten years, including the 2002 World Series when having Bonds on the team was reason alone to root against the Giants, he deserves to win it for a change.

You remind me of years ago…do not remember the time or details. when the Orioles got shelled in the first inning and with no one out brought in a Reliever who got the next 27 out.

They would not credit him with a No Hitter.
Of course the birds lost.