No charges for Mike Tyson

I don’t know what that dude did;

But he had to do something drastic for Mike Tyson to not be charged after video of him punching you surfaced.

A bunch of people were saying the guy was taunting him, provoking him. The video didn’t show that, most likely because it started too late. If they talked to witnesses, that’s probably why he’s not charged. Plus, looks like the guy didn’t want charges.

Of course, if you’re Tyson, you do still have to know you’re not a regular guy and pull your punches a bit.

Considering the guy is still breathing, I think he probably did.

As far as we know, he still has his ears.

Mike Tyson several years ago was involved with Professional wrestling for a little while. In this video, Tyson “knocks” out wrestler Shawn Michaels. Guess that Mike hadn’t forgot on how to hold back his punches when he was on the airliner.

He taunted and then threw a water bottle at him I wouldn’t have charged mike but this guy was trying to start a fight. Mutual combat

Attempted suicide.