NFL Reverses Course

And now, as reported in The Wall Street Journal, the NFL has decided, in direct contradiction of its earlier statements, to schedule at least one game for Christmas 2024, despite Christmas this year falling on a Wednesday, generally an off-day for the NFL

Moves to overshadow Jesus birth is a bit dramatic. Lots of businesses are open on Xmas.

I don’t support this, but mainly because of the Wednesday thing. Injuries are already an issue with Thursday games.

Conservatives never forget. How many years has it been since nobody has been kneeling at NFL games? But Kaepernick did and so many vowed never to watch another NFL game, but still play fantasy football.

But the author seems confused. Very upset at those atheists taking Christ out of Christmas, but then says this -

Honestly, most companies would probably do the same, or something similar, if they thought it would benefit them financially.

But they are already pissed at the NFL for kneeling…the black national anthem…the stop racism message on the back of helmets…so thay can fire up their readership. But their poll is kind of messing them up . Usually the WJ polls have resulsts that are something like 98% supporting their view and 2% against - but this poll has 35% who disagree with their take. Maybe it’s the conservative atheists

I didn’t even open the link (because why would I?) but that was my first thought too. It would overshadow Jesus’ birth only if the NFL mandated churches be closed and everybody must worship the Pigskin on Dec 25.

I heard several people say that and saw no one stick to it.

They are so addicted they were back watching it in the same season.

Normal people don’t like that because it’s all fucking nonsense.

Kneeling is disrespect towards the country that gave these idiots the opportunity to make millions of dollars throwing a ball around.

There is no racism. Hasn’t been for decades. Instead there is class warfare with the Democrats lying and saying it is racism to keep getting black votes.

It’s sad watching so many of you fall for it. You have no brains.

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Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.

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I didn’t say I believed that…just saying that so many who vowed to never watch another NFL game because of things like that are still pretty active in NFL events and to play fantasy football, you HAVE to follow the NFL. Indeed…I would say that most readers of the Western Journal supposedly don’t care and don’t follow, but 35% of the respondents in their poll feel it’s okay with the NFL overshadowing the birth of Jesus. Normal responses against their outrage are usually around 2%

While Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ, the holiest period of the Christian year is Easter. Holy Week. I think this is worse than a football game

“Grab Jesus by the pussy with your new Trump Bible…only $59.99!”

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I just heard a story on NPR this morning about raising the age to get full social security from 67 to 70, of course the host said it will hurt people of color the most and they should only raise the age for high income (white) individuals. According to lefties everything is racist.

Here’s the story.

The NBA has had games on Christmas Day for years, but we have somehow survived.

I wonder of those who say they will never watch another NFL game are back to drinking Bud Light?

It never seems to occur to these people how unbelievably insulting a statement like that is to non-white people.

The implication is that they are so underprivileged and incapable that they need all these crutches to overcome their handicap.

White leftists think people of color are stupid and fragile, and everything they say reinforces that racist belief.

My guess is there are quite a few BL drinkers that have reneged on their boycott.

But the difference here is Bud has lots of competition, and it is not the same as how basketball is an alternative to football.

Cheap fermented carbonated piss powder is all the same. Only very minor differences in taste.

I’m thinking Bud Light will never likely regain its predominant status, even though it may survive as a brand.

In my opinion, this is yet another example of the NFL getting greedy and doing something just for the sake of more of the immediate all mighty dollars without thinking about whether this helps the product.

The comparison to the NBA is an apples-to-oranges one. The NBA has games throughout the week, so having games on Christmas is within its mode. The NFL, on the other hand, has games on specific days, and hardly ever on a Wednesday. However, Christmas is on a Wednesday this year, and the NFL will be playing a game that day. That raises even more issues of a game on short rest and how that will affect the quality of play. And, it is yet another example of the NFL oversaturating its product.

I don’t give a rat’s rear-end about the NFL defiling the birth of Christ. If Christmas falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday, the NFL should go ahead and play the games like it normally would. If it falls on another day, though, they should skip it and recognize that too much of a good thing is not necessarily a good thing - at least in my opinion. Just maybe they might realize they are better off leaving mid-week Christmas days to the NBA.

On second thought, I am just dreaming. What is more likely is the eighteenth regular season game, which I can see coming down the pike soon. Before long we will be playing the Super Bowl on Presidents Day.

Speaking for myself, I never vowed to never watch the NFL again. However, I have gradually lost interest over the years, from being a die-hard fan who couldn’t miss any playoff games to a somewhat more than casual fan who doesn’t care if he misses a playoff game or not. Heck, for the first week-end I am playoffed-out by the end of Sunday and have no desire to watch another playoff game on Monday. I also don’t particularly care about the weekly Thursday Night Football either. There is only so much football I can take before I have had my fill.

I watch maybe 10% of the NFL that I watched 5 years ago. Two reasons, it seems political correctness rules every decision they make, and they will do anything for a buck.

I didn’t see the NFL mentioned in there.

Their resonse to that is that the teams that play would have played on a previous Saturday, giving players the same amount of rest that they would have for a Thursday game. But I’m not sure what drove the decision to have a Thursday night game in the first place - the players certainly don’t like it.

Didn’t take long to work Trump into a non-related thread. Again.

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I didn’t see the NFL mentioned in that YouTube video.