NFL onHulu live TV

Anyone have Hulu with live TV? Know if I will have access to all NFL games, regardless of location?

My team has sucked the past few years, so they keep getting fewer televised games. Zero prime time ones this year.

I have Hulu live and you get whatever the National games playinf

The networks broadcast all of the games. Some go to most of the country, some just to the local markets. Are you saying that Hulu will only give me the popular ones?

I was able to designate a favorite team in Hulu. I was hoping I might get all of their games, despite their recent suckage.

That is what I think, but I have not really tested it

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Did you see this option from the Hulu site?

Actually, you get one Thursday prime-time game against the Browns on October 21. The NFL has all teams playing on Thursday nights. I have said before I think Thursday Night Football is a really dumb idea.

Thanks, I forgot about that. The Broncos are usually good, so I am used to three or four prime time games. If they ever get the QBs situation figured out, maybe they’ll be good again.

I’ll check out that package.

It really puts the pressure on Fantasy Players.
Pickem not as much as Team Fantasy.

The last game of the week is Monday Night.
Tuesday is Waiver Day.
Wednesday you find the result of your waivers and Thursday you need to get your lineup in.

It works, but some weeks it feels more like a job than fun.

Thursday games are horrible for injuries. They don’t care. The league wants the money and when faced with the choice of more money and more injuries and less money and fewer injuries, the players go with money as well. (They accepted the 17 game schedule no one was asking for).

I mentioned both of these points in an earlier post where I said the NFL is getting too greedy, along with the third example of the expanded playoffs. I also could have mentioned the NFL’s decision to let two teams relocate to Los Angeles. If the NFL wanted to succeed in Los Angeles, the best thing to have done would have been to let one team relocate there and then grow its fan base. However, I am sure it looked great to be able to collect two relocation fees of $640 million each instead of just one.

I think all salaries should go up 7 or 8 percent with the 17th game.