NFL Franchise Values

No surprise at which franchise is at the top of the heap. Guess which franchise brings up the rear.

I would have guessed Jax would have been last.

The Texans are worth more than the Broncos?

It appears that value has zero correlation to on field performance.

I am surprised that there is an NFL team valued less than the Lions (by a teeny margin).

So the Ravens are worth more than the Colts… How about that?

I have said befort that Jerry Jones the businessman and NFL owner is brilliant. Jerry Jones the NFL general manager doesn’t have a clue.

I wonder how much the Rams increased in value by moving to LA?

I wouldn’t quite say zero. Of the top 12 teams, all but the Jets and Texans have had at least some on-field success at some point, though in some cases (Bears), it isn’t all that recent. I bet if you combined long-term performance and metro area size, you could explain more than half the differences between teams.

A lot, particularly the stadium. Large city size, plus the best stadium in the league.

From what I have heard the Rams got a big bump but the Chargers hardly got any bump at all.

Edit: Here is an article from four years ago:

The Rams own the stadium, right? The Chargers might have picked up a few more fans by moving north, but that’s about it. And they went from one of the worst stadiums in the world to sharing the best.

Another way to look at it: if I’m recalling correctly, the total number of SB wins by the bottom 12 teams on the list is about 3.

AFC West. Chiefs are the lowest valued and have won the Division 6 years straight.
AFC South. Only Jags are valued lower than the Titans and they are back to back champs.

It appears to me that metro is the biggest factor.

I mean the Giants, Jets, Raiders, and Redskins are all basically dumpster fires and are in the top 10.

Yes. The Chargers are tenants. For more read the link I posted.

I doubt they picked up even that many fans. As an example of where the Chargers stand in the NFL pecking order in Los Angeles, one station carries Raiders preseason games here.

You’re thinking too recent. The teams at the top have had significant periods of sustained success, allowing them to create a large, geographically broad fan base. The Cowboys won SBs in the 70s and 90s. The Patriots won many SBs. The Bears had a long history of success in the 80s, but are also in one of the biggest cities in the country. KC has dominated the division recently, but not long-term.

I think yes, metro area size is likely the biggest factor, but some period of success in team history also matters. Denver is the 19th most populous metro area in the country, but the Broncos have two advantages: 8 SB appearances and 3 wins. Plus, for a long time, they were the only pro sports in town. They now have the Nuggets and Rockies, but didn’t always.

Don’t forget the Avalanche. And, the Nuggets have been in Denver since the 1970s. The Rockies and Avalanche came in 1993 and 1995, respectively.

The Raiders have a mystique and fan base the Chargers don’t. The Chargers are another team that has never had long-term success. One or two SB appearances, zero wins. Not much even in the Phillip Rivers era. And the Rivers era Chargers always had an ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I witnessed that myself; two interceptions gave the Saints a win against them a few years ago.

I’ve been to three Chargers games (all in SD). There are usually more opposing teams jerseys in the stadium than Chargers ones.

If it were just the Bronco’s in front of them, I would understand.
But the Raiders and Chargers have been awful franchises for decades.

Raiders have a national following and won SBs in the 70s and 80s, appeared in one in the 2000s. The Chargers have been mediocre forever, but now, they’re in LA.

I agree, metro area size is likely the biggest factor. That’s why Chicago and Houston are so high. Chicago has sucked recently and Houston has never done much. Also why Cincy is last even though they’ve been in (but never won) at lest three SBs, including the most recent one. But there’s still some correlation with a record of success at some point.

And, the AFC West 2022 may have the best division record in NFL history. I wouldn’t be surprised if all four teams make the playoffs.

Any rules geeks out there know if that is possible?